piroh's Journal

13 October
Austin, Texas, United States
Interests: (133)
1998, 3rd rock, aggies, asparagus, axl rose, baking, bamboo, barbarella, basil, baudrillard, beavis and butthead, black cats, blue, bonsai trees, books, boots, brown, butter cookies, c.s. lewis, candles, candy, cant', cheese, chekov, cilantro, commercials, constellations, conversation analysis, courtney love, crazy old ladies, csi, curtains, dr. seuss, erasure, ethnomethodology, fairy tales, fire, freebirds, futurama, gardenias, general hospital, german, gieryn, ginger, glass, glitter, goffman, goldfish crackers, good eats, gourmet magazine, grapefruit juice, great space coaster, grumman, guns n' roses, hair bands, harvey sacks, hole, ice cream, indiana university, inga muscio, italy, jack daniels, joan cusack, kandinsky, keith green, kids in the hall, king of the hill, kittens, lasagna, lemonade, lighght, lottery, lucky charms, m*a*s*h, malevich, marigolds, media theory, muscles, my husband, nabokov, naps, nikki sixx, olives, opals, oranges, painting, passionflowers, pasta, peppers, pie, pink, pirandello, pizza, poor old lu, postmodernism, queen, ratt, remembering, rocks, run lola run, russian, sara moulton, saroyan, seafood, shiner bock, shiny things, shoes, silverstein, simmel, spider lilies, strawberries, swiss chard, television, texas, texas a&m, the clay pit, the electric company, the simpsons, the velvet underground, tomatillos, tomatoes, u2, um, underdog, unwrapped, velour, venus flytrap, violets, wind chimes, wkrp, x-files, xena, zebras